There is nothing more important to our business than controlling the quality of something we sell. That's why our products are GMP certified and our Good Manufacturing Practices are also certified by:

ISO 22716 Cosmetic GMP

ISO 22716 is the standard describing Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices. Good Cosmetic Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are one of the pillars of the New European Regulation for Cosmetics.

This regulation sets very high requirements to ensure consumer safety. Among these new legal requirements, all cosmetic products circulating on the European market must be produced according to the Good Cosmetic Manufacturing Practices described by the ISO 22716 standard. It was written in collaboration with professionals from the cosmetics industry and promotes the best methods.

The scope of ISO 22716 is not only limited to production activities, but also includes control, storage and shipping.

All players in the cosmetics chain, European and non-European, are concerned. Ingredient producers, final product assemblers, distributors and importers/exporters, all players are involved and new responsibilities have been defined.

Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of practical advice, operational rules and organizational guidelines specifically focused on the human, technical and administrative factors affecting product quality.

The objective of GMPs is to define the activities that lead to the final product corresponding to the expected specifications, and therefore to the safety of the product.

USDA Organic Certified

What is the purpose of USDA NOP certification?

USDA NOP certification allows our organic products to be marketed in the United States.